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24/1 Kapak Hikayesi

Crying Out

Life is nothing but an examination for all human begins. And everyone is tested with something else. Some are tested with their attitudes towards poverty, whereas others towards wealth, good or bad events happened to them, some are tested with their jobs, and even with their children. Perhaps the most difficult ones are the trials with mental illnesses. You are not only challenged with the difficult nature of the illnesses, but also tested with challenges regarding stereotypes and attitudes of a society towards these illnesses. However, one can only hear the voice of a human being with only a different trial carried out.

This collection is a compilation of the art works of the patients suffering from challenging mental illnesses at the Day Hospital and Rehabilitation Center of Bakirkoy Psychiatry and Neurological Disorders Research and Training Hospital (BPNDRTH). This is a collection crying out loud a virtuous manifestation of what these patients are capable when given a chance that reveals the hidden glory of human existence…

Listen well; soon you will start hearing…