International Speakers

8th International Congress on Psychopharmacology

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Arzu Günes Granberg

Institution and Position
Medical Product Agency (Läkemedelsverket, Sweden), Clinical Psychiatry Efficacy and Safety Assessor
Branch: Clinical Pharmacology
Interests: Clinical Psychopharmacology, Pharmacovigilance, Drug development & Regulatory affairs, Clinical Pharmacogenetics.
Associations: Swedish Physicians Association, Turkish Pharmacology Association
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Hans W. Hoek

Dr. Hoek is Professor of Psychiatry at University Medical Center Groningen (the Netherlands) and has an adjunct position as Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York. He is director of the psychiatric residency program and chair of the Parnassia Academy, part of Parnassia Psychiatric Institute, The Hague, a large mental health institute in the Netherlands (>8,000 employees).