The course subjects ”name of the course”Lecturer
1-Basic psychopharmacologyProf. Dr. İ. Tayfun UZBAY
2-The animal models in psychiatry and laboratory methodsProf. Dr. İ. Tayfun UZBAY
3- Experimental research methods in psychiatry and the techniques of preparation of scientific essayDoç. Dr. Hasan HERKEN
Doç. Dr. Murat ATMACA
4-Basic biostatistics Prof. Dr. M. Yücel AĞARGÜN
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hanefi ÖZBEK
5- The psychopharmacological approaches in bipolar affective disorderDoç. Dr. Timuçin ORAL
6-The latest approaches in psychopharmacology; drug selection according to neural circuits and rational drug combination techniquesProf. Dr. Mesut ÇETİN
Doç. Dr. Ali Saffet GÖNÜL
7-Practical clinical approach to the treatment resistant schizophrenia; definition,diagnosis and new developments in pharmacologic treatmentDoç. Dr. Serdar DURSUN
8- The psychopharmacological treatment approaches with the elderlyDoç. Dr. Işın Baral KULAKSIZOĞLU
9-Evidence-based medicine; the neurobiological traces of the treatment in brain, integrated treatment;pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral treatmentDoç. Dr. Hakan TÜRKÇAPAR
Doç. Dr. Ali Saffet GÖNÜL
10-Psychopharmacological treatment approaches with to children and adolescentsProf. Dr. Yankı YAZGAN
11- The pharmacotherapy of alcohol addictionDoç. Dr. Nesrin DİLBAZ